Manitoba Hydro finalizes 25-megawatt power sale with SaskPower

- A power sale agreement announced recently will see Manitoba Hydro supply 25-megawatts of firm electricity to SaskPower from November 2015 to May 2022. When combined with a previously-announced short-term sale between the two utilities, the export deals are worth over $100 million.

"We want to ensure that we are able to meet the growing demand for power across the province, and keep power reliable, affordable and sustainable," said Robert Watson, SaskPower President and CEO.

"Although Manitoba Hydro regularly exports electricity to Saskatchewan, this 25-megawatt deal represents the first long-term firm sale between the two provinces in recent memory," said Scott Thomson, President and CEO of Manitoba Hydro. "It demonstrates that the demand for renewable hydroelectricity from Manitoba - demand that we are working to convert into long-term export sales - is growing not just in the United States but in Canada as well. Export sales such as this new contract with SaskPower will help keep energy bills more affordable for consumers in both provinces."

In September 2013, Manitoba Hydro and SaskPower signed a memorandum of understanding MOU to discuss the additional purchase of up to 500-megawatts of power commencing in approximately 2020. The utilities are continuing discussions on potential additional sales under that MOU.

Manitoba Hydro serves over 555,000 electricity and 272,000 natural gas customers in Manitoba and operates 15 hydroelectric generating stations that produce nearly all the province's electricity. The utility trades electricity in three wholesale markets in the Midwestern United States and Canada.

SaskPower serves over 500,000 customers in Saskatchewan and operates three coal-fired, seven hydroelectric and six natural gas generating stations as well as two wind facilities.

Energy purchased under the 25-megawatt contract will be sent to SaskPower over existing transmission interconnections between the two utilities.


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