Hydro One Brampton warns customers about phone scam

- Hydro One Brampton is warning customers of a phone scam that has recently surfaced in Brampton in which the caller, posing as a representative from Hydro One Brampton, demands payment for outstanding balances on electricity bills.

The caller threatens to cut off customersÂ’ power unless immediate payment, by credit card or other banking means, is made.

Even if a customer is in arrears on their hydro account, Hydro One Brampton never asks for credit card or any other banking information over the phone, and provides ample opportunity for customers with overdue bill amounts to make payments before disconnecting them.

Hydro One Brampton advises customers not to share or provide any personal, utility account, or financial information to anyone who calls or comes to your door claiming to be a representative from Hydro One Brampton.


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