CEA: Canada needs to invest now

OTTAWA, Ontario – - OTTAWA, Ontario – Recently, the Canadian Electricity Association CEA released a white paper urging decision makers to ensure electricity forms the backbone of a pan-Canadian energy strategy.

While CEA is encouraged by the striking of a working group led by Alberta Premier Alison Redford, Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Kathy Dunderdale, and Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger and that some progress toward building on the 2007 action plan has been established, CEA is disappointed that more defined action could not be achieved, particularly with respect to electricity as it is essential to the Canadian economy.

A recent Senate Report, "Now or Never" confirmed that electricity is an essential part of the energy strategy. “Canada needs to invest significantly in refurbished and new electricity infrastructure in order to maintain system reliability” said Jim Burpee, President and CEO of CEA.

“A pan-Canadian approach on energy would support harmonized standards for system efficiency, the progress of the smart grid, and the development of electric vehicle infrastructure as we transition to a low-carbon economy.”

CanadaÂ’s electricity system was built 30 to 60 years ago, and must now be renewed in order to maintain system reliability and the capacity to support economic development. With billions of dollars of investment at stake, and hundreds of thousands of jobs on the line, CEA is calling on the Premiers and their provincial energy ministers to work towards a pan-Canadian energy strategy that is sensitive to jurisdiction but also understands that investing in our electricity system for the next generation creates the backbone for economic growth and prosperity across the country.


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