North Bay power plant reduces emissions

NORTH BAY, ONTARIO - The EPCOR Power L.P. power plant in North Bay is receiving $65,000 in incentives under the Union Gas EnerSmart program for actions the company has taken to reduce energy consumption and lighten the plant's environmental footprint.

The North Bay Power Plant has conducted major overhauls to its gas and power turbines used to generate electricity over the past year, improving energy efficiency by 3.

5 per cent — a savings of approximately 2.1 million cubic metres of natural gas. At today’s market prices that amounts to $275,000 in savings annually. Improvements were also made to the plant's steam traps, which will save about 21.6 million pounds of steam each year.

"These projects have resulted in significant performance improvements at the North Bay Power Plant, increasing power generation while using less fuel," said plant manager, Sean Gillespie. "The incentive funding provided through the Union Gas EnerSmart program has helped us to achieve substantial environmental and economic benefits."

"Environmental stewardship is a core business value for Union Gas and we are committed to helping our business customers make smart investments in energy-efficient equipment and technologies," said Mel Ydreos, vice-president marketing and customer care, Union Gas. "These investments can not only boost the bottom line, they also help the environment."

The Union Gas EnerSmart program offers incentives to its commercial and industrial customers to implement projects that will use natural gas more efficiently and lower operating costs. Incentives are also available to large industrial customers for gas/power turbine overhauls and energy audits.


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