Restaurant sees cost savings with LED retrofits

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA - Nexxus Lighting, Inc. announced that Margaritas Mexican Restaurant has now placed orders to relight additional locations with our new Array Lighting LED Lamps as part of a company-wide energy saving and environmental responsibility initiative.

Based on the utility audited energy savings at their Exeter, New Hampshire location, the growing restaurant chain has expanded their deployment of Array LED lamps to additional locations. Throughout the process, Margaritas has worked closely with Independent Electric Supply and Boston-based Reflex Lighting to evaluate potential LED alternatives to improve the energy efficiency of their locations, while ensuring that the atmosphere and ambiance of the restaurant is not compromised.

Kelly Barker of Kelly R. Barker & Associates, Inc. speaks of his experience consulting on the project thus far, “Simply stated — Brad Speckerman and Dan Gray at Independent Electric Supply have exceeded expectations in every way.

Beginning with the Array ‘LED’ conversion test in Exeter, NH, and in each subsequent installation since, Margaritas has realized substantial energy savings and secured rebates with multiple utilities. Through their combined ability, supported by Reflex Lighting and Kelly Carls, Brad and Dan have not only made the program manageable, but also a real winner for Margaritas!”

Above and beyond the significant energy cost savings realized from retrofitting traditional 65-watt incandescent lamps to 7.8-watt LED replacement lamps, Margaritas is working to take advantage of available rebate dollars from local utilities.

“Throughout the beta evaluation process in Exeter, we worked closely with Unitil, the local utility provider, to document the realized energy savings and secure rebate dollars to further offset the costs of the retrofit project and improve the payback,” said Brad Speckerman of Independent Electric Supply.

“With the simple act of changing light bulbs, we assist customers such as Margaritas save money on their energy bills and reduce maintenance costs. Since our solution is a simple lamp replacement, customers can utilize all of their existing fixtures and controls,” stated Bill Blackley, Vice President of Sales for Nexxus Lighting. “From hotels and casinos, to retail stores and restaurants, once a customer looks at the performance of these lamps, sees the quality of light and experiences the energy and labor cost savings they can achieve; it becomes clear that the Array LED lamps give a return on investment they cannot afford to miss.”

Through the use of Nexxus Lighting’s patented designs and patent pending selective heat sink technology, the Array LED lamps are rated at 50,000 hour lamp life and all Array LED lamps come with a three year limited warranty.


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