British communities race for green funding

UNITED KINGDOM - Local communities and conservation groups have two weeks to apply for a share in a $3.3 million fund for the advancement of green technology, British Gas says.

Conservationist and adventurist Ben Fogle teamed up with British Gas to encourage local British communities to advance green energy projects.

British Gas said any community group advancing renewable energy projects or energy efficiency programs at the local level could apply for the so-called Green Streets funding.

The green technology can include solar, wind, hydroelectric power or employ the use of biofuels, said Gearoid Lane, managing director at British Gas New Energy.

"We want to show local groups the carbon and financial savings they could enjoy by providing the funding, support and technical expertise needed to develop and implement their ideas," he said. "We know that small groups can make a big difference and hope these projects will benefit their community for generations to come."

British Gas will allocate funding based on the potential for energy efficiency and the ability to engage local residents in green energy technology.

The deadline for the Green Streets application is August 31. The community seen as the greenest after a year could win another $165,500.


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