MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company holds top three

DES MOINES, IOWA - MidAmerican Energy Holdings CompanyÂ’s U.S. electric companies stand out among their peers for industrial customer satisfaction.

Learning from each other’s best practices has resulted in the company’s sister utilities – MidAmerican Energy, Pacific Power and Rocky Mountain Power – being ranked No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3, respectively, in the nation for industrial customer satisfaction, according to TQS Research.

TQS Research is an Atlanta-based independent research firm that polls key commercial and industrial customers of electric utilities for overall satisfaction. TQS measures the 60 largest U.S. electric utilitiesÂ’ performance in critical areas such as energy efficiency, account management, reliable power, price, handling customer contacts and company image.

“Providing excellent customer service is one of MidAmerican’s key business principles,” said Bill Fehrman, president of MidAmerican Energy Company. “We feel honored our customers are pleased with the service we provide.”

MidAmerican Energy Company led the way with 91.5 percent of its industrial customers surveyed indicating they were very satisfied. Pacific Power earned a very satisfied rating from 90.7 percent of industrial customers, and Rocky Mountain Power ranked No. 3 at 90.1 percent of industrial customers very satisfied.

“We are extremely proud that our companies ranked as the top three for overall satisfaction in the TQS survey,” said Greg Abel, president and chief executive officer of MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company. “Our employees deserve the credit for the high satisfaction levels our customers have expressed. I thank them for their commitment to providing exceptional customer service.”


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