ENMAX registers clean power projects with BC Hydro

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA - ENMAX Energy Corporation ("ENMAX") is pleased to announce that it is continuing to develop and grow its British Columbia generation business with the registration of clean, renewable power generation projects with BC Hydro's Clean Power Call (CPC) process.

This process required that all potential projects be formally registered with BC Hydro by August 12.

ENMAX is directly registering three run-of-river hydro projects and one waste-to-energy facility as part of the CPC process. ENMAX is also indirectly supporting five other project registrations. These include four Energy Recovery Projects (ERGs) registered by EnPower Green Energy Generation Limited Partnership (owned 50 per cent by ENMAX Green Power Inc. and 50 per cent by Pristine Power Inc.), and the Phase One 320MW offshore wind development by NaiKun Wind Energy Group Inc., of which ENMAX is a shareholder.

"We are pleased to have the opportunity to bring clean, renewable energy power generation projects to B.C.," said Dave Rehn, ENMAX Executive Vice President of Generation and Wholesale Energy. "These proposals, together with our existing run-of-river hydro station at Furry Creek and four other projects currently being developed in B.C. allow ENMAX to build a greater critical mass of clean power generation under long term sales contracts to BC Hydro, our largest customer in the province."

ENMAX's two hydro projects (11MW each) under construction at Clowhom were awarded long term Energy Purchase Agreements (EPAs) from BC Hydro in August 2006. Construction for both projects started in February 2008 with commercial operations scheduled for late 2009.

Through EnPower, ENMAX is also currently completing the construction of two ERGs. The two ERG facilities (5.8MW each) were awarded BC Hydro EPAs in August 2006 and will be the first projects to become operational from the 2006 BC Hydro Call For Tender process.


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