Quebec champions EVs

QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC - The Quebec government has unveiled more details on its ambitious plan to encourage more electric-powered vehicles in the province.

The Liberal electric car plan – initially announced in the 2011 budget – would position Quebec as a world leader in electrified transportation, premier Jean Charest said.

The 10-year plan includes financial incentives up to $8,000 annually towards the purchase of an electric car.

Other incentives include bonuses for companies that produce electric car parts, and develop public recharging stations.

Quebec would like to put 300,000 electric cars on the road in the next decade.

The plan will cost more than $500,000, but the investment will pay off, Charest said.

“We need to encourage consumers to give this option consideration. We’d like them to think about it,” he said.

Increasing electric car use in the province is key to cutting QuebecÂ’s greenhouse gas emissions, the premier said.

Hydro-Québec CEO Thierry Vandal hopes the convenience of electric-powered cars will appeal to Quebecers.

“You’re going to be plugging your car in overnight, and your car is going to be full when you leave home — your fuel is at home.”

The public utility stands to profit from QuebecÂ’s shift to electricity-powered vehicles.


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