National Grid asked to review storm costs

UNIONDALE, NEW YORK - Long Island Power Authority LIPA, Chief Operating Officer Michael Hervey has called on National Grid to further review expenses incurred during the 2010 storm season.

“Expenses in support of the storms will be validated or, if inappropriate, removed,” Long Island Power Authority Chief Operating Officer Michael Hervey said today. “An additional review by National Grid will take place and expenses that come to light that are not validated will be refunded to LIPA with interest.

“LIPA, which routinely audits 100 percent of all storm bills from National Grid, has identified a number of expenses that are of concern in some of the 2010 storm bills,” said Hervey. "I have asked National Grid to expedite this review in order to ensure that storm costs being passed through to LIPA and our customers are accurate and valid.”

“National Grid continues to work with LIPA to provide reliable service and timely storm response and wants to ensure that customers will not pay for any unjustified expenses,” said John Bruckner, President of National Grid’s LIPA business. “Supporting a storm typically involves the rapid deployment of a large work force, logistical support, and materials. Our additional review will ensure that all costs passed on to LIPA to provide effective storm response are accurate and accounted for.

The additional storm reviews conducted by National Grid will be at no extra cost to LIPA and its customers.

“It has been our expectation that all storm bills that come to us are already vetted by National Grid. This additional review will give LIPA the confidence and reassurance that our customers are not burdened with improper charges,” added Hervey.


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