New solar water heating program launched

OTTAWA, CANADA - Bullfrog Power, together with Enbridge Gas Distribution, EnerWorks, and the Government of Canada announced the launch of a new Solar Water Heating Program.

Solar water heating allows homeowners to reduce their energy costs and environmental impact by harnessing the sun's energy through the installation of their own solar water heating systems.

At the time of purchase, qualifying homeowners will receive a substantial savings on the purchase and installation of their own solar water heating systems. These savings are made possible through the Government of Canada's ecoENERGY for Renewable Heat program and volume discounts from EnerWorks. Interested homeowners may also qualify for further rebates and credits through the ecoENERGY Retrofit-Homes program, provincial rebates and the new Home Renovation Tax Credit.

This limited-time offer will give homeowners in the Enbridge Gas Distribution franchise area the opportunity to save up to 50 per cent on their own solar water heating systems. They may also reduce their ongoing water heating energy costs by up to 60 per cent and financing for the installation is available from as little as $56 dollars a month.

"By investing $1.4 million in this project, the Government of Canada will help generate new economic activity in Ontario, while reducing energy costs and harmful emissions," said the Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Natural Resources. "This is another example of how we are investing in projects that will stimulate the domestic clean energy industry, create jobs for Canadians and help boost our economy."

Bullfrog Power, Canada's leading 100 per cent green electricity provider, is pleased to participate in a program that helps Ontarians conserve energy and save money.

"New technology, active energy conservation activities and green power are all effective ways that homeowners can reduce their environmental impact," said Tom Heintzman, President, Bullfrog Power. "Through this new Solar Water Heating Program, we are happy to provide another option that makes it easy for Ontarians to support renewable energy."

"Enbridge Gas Distribution is a leader in energy efficiency and continues to advance sustainable energy solutions that will lead us towards a clean energy economy," said Arunas Pleckaitis, Vice President, Enbridge Gas Distribution. "Often our approach is to partner with other organizations, such as Bullfrog and EnerWorks, that bring a special competency or unique solution to the specific energy challenge we are facing. Together with Enbridge's market delivery capabilities, we are able to provide an integrated high-value solution that customers will find attractive."

The program uses solar water heating systems manufactured in Ontario by EnerWorks. The systems are Canada's first solar water heaters to receive all-season CSA certification.

Local, certified contractors will professionally install each unit purchased. The integrated system is composed of three parts-solar panels, an energy pack and a solar storage tank-that work together to meet a household's primary demand for hot water, while the existing water heater provides a secondary heating source. Solar water heating does not affect the quality or the availability of the hot water. The systems provide a clean, cost-effective way to reduce water-heating costs, while also significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

"This solar water heating program represents a fabulous opportunity for homeowners to realize the economic and environmental benefits of heating their water with the renewable power of the sun, while taking advantage of significant additional incentives and discounts," says Dr. Phil Whiting, EnerWorks President and CEO. "EnerWorks is very pleased to be participating in this program and to support the environmental efforts of companies such as Bullfrog and Enbridge Gas Distribution."

Installation of a solar water heater is straightforward and completed by a trained and certified installer. Homeowners can arrange for a free site inspection to determine if the system is right for their home. EnerWorks-certified contractors will professionally install the systems quickly and efficiently, and help book the ecoENERGY Home Retrofit audits for further rebates and incentives.

More information about the installation steps and pricing is available at or call 1-866-775-8808.

A limited number of integrated systems are available under the program.


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