Jemena and UED select Silver Spring Networks for smart grid

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - Silver Spring Networks announced that it has been selected by Jemena Electricity Networks (JEN) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of energy infrastructure company Jemena Limited, and United Energy Distribution (UED) to provide the network to support the rollout of a government-mandated Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) program.

Under the agreement, Silver Spring Networks will provide network infrastructure, devices, software and variety of services in support of the AMI Program. The deployment, which will begin on September 1 and be completed by 2013, will network approximately 1 million homes and businesses throughout Victoria, Australia.

“Silver Spring Networks is delighted to launch its international expansion with Jemena Ltd and UED,” said Scott Lang, Chairman, CEO and President, Silver Spring Networks.

“Progressive utilities worldwide understand the value of the Smart Grid for achieving efficiencies and empowering customers. It’s the future of our industry and Jemena and UED are leading in this significant transition.”

As part of the project, UED and Jemena will deploy other applications, including Remote Connect/Disconnect and Demand Response. The implementation plan is designed to allow these utilities to comply with the Victoria DPI mandates for smart metering.

“Jemena is committed to delivering the best possible energy saving solution for today that also provides a quality platform for future technologies to make it easier for our customers to save energy and reduce environmental impact. Partnering with Silver Spring Networks will help us achieve this goal,” said Paul Adams, Managing Director, Jemena.

“This smart meter rollout will allow customers to better manage their energy consumption at a time when we are all becoming more energy focused,” said Hugh Gleeson, CEO, UED.


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