PSE draws attention to home efficiency rebates

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON - Puget Sound Energy is encouraging residential customers to take advantage of up to $8,000 in combined utility rebates and potential federal tax credits to make energy efficient home improvements this year that will help support green jobs and could pay for themselves by next year with energy savings that will continue for years to come.

“If PSE residential customers are considering upgrading windows, doors, insulation or heating equipment, 2009 is the year to do it,” said Cal Shirley, vice president of Energy Efficiency Services for PSE. “They’ll get PSE rebates right away, may be able to claim a tax credit on next year’s return and will enjoy lower annual utility costs for years to come. With all these savings combined, investments that also improve home values could pay for themselves by next April and at the same time support local green jobs, bolster the economy and protect the environment.


The recent stimulus bill extends energy efficiency federal tax credits into 2010 and increases the maximum dollar amount allowed to $1,500. In addition, PSE customers can take advantage of PSE rebates and incentives totaling as much as $6,500 for energy efficiency home improvements, including the purchase of ENERGY STAR rated appliances or equipment and converting from electric to natural gas home and water heating.

By combining the two opportunities, PSE customers can maximize savings. For example, a home insulation upgrade could qualify for as much as $1,600 from PSE and another $1,500 in tax credits. “PSE is committed to providing our customers with resources and programs to help them save energy and welcomes the added support of the federal government,” Shirley continued.

Both PSE rebates and federal tax credits are available for upgrades to windows and doors, insulation installation, energy efficient HVAC equipment such as ENERGY STAR rated natural gas furnaces, air-source heat pumps and ductless heat pump systems, and ENERGY STAR rated water heaters.


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