Scotch arc-proofing tape protects cable

AUSTIN, TEXAS - Inspections are easier and tape more visible in a manhole with the new cool gray Scotch Fire-Retardant Electric Arc Proofing Tape 77W.

There is a growing concern about electrical networks at large industrials or utilities going down because of cable or splice faults. The cost of repairing adjacent cables and other assets that are damaged is expensive.

Scotch Arc Proofing Tapes 77 series tapes are one way to protect the integrity of networks and adjacent assets.

The tape expands with heat, providing a barrier for adjacent cables until limiting devices can interrupt the failed current.

The black tape has already proven itself in providing protection for adjacent electrical circuits when a cable or splice fault is damaged by fire; the new cool gray tape has the same quality and higher visibility on black cable.

The cool gray and black tapes are alike except for color. They are for use on high-energy cables that are within 18 inches of other cables. Both colors come in 1.5-inch by 20-foot rolls and 3-inch by 20-foot rolls. They are easy to install and can be removed for quick cable inspections.


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