Website offers secure meeting opportunities to utility sector

NEW YORK, LONDON - MeettheBoss, originally focused on the financial services sector, has launched a new section dedicated to the utilities industry.

The secure platform that MeettheBoss provided for the finance executives has allowed them to communicate openly, free from vendors and the media. Over 40,000 members currently network on the site, all of them protected by the secure walls that surround the website.

MeettheBoss now offers those same services to utility executives.

Already the new section has more than 21,000 members from companies such as EDF, National Grid and Centrica. The executives are using tools on the site such as IMS, SMS and free video conferencing to connect with their peers to discuss the major issues.

The utilities sector is in the midst of unprecedented transformation. The industry is feeling the effects of the current economic crisis, and with added pressure to invest in renewable energy sources while adhering to ever-changing regulations, there is a growing concern for the need to create unity within the sector.

However, the question being asked is can this industry, with its multi-billion dollar infrastructure unite and steer this economic turnaround?

According to a press release from the website, “The site accepts new members that not only take value from the site, but give value back.”

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