CEA releases paper on enhancing integration

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) released its annual North American policy paper in Washington DC, stressing the need for integration.

Entitled: "Enhancing our Integrated Electricity System: An Opportunity to Build on Success," the paper presents the Canadian industry's views on opportunities for bilateral engagement between Canada and the U.

S. to meet head-on the challenges facing the electricity sector.

It can be found on the CEA website at www.canelect.ca.

"Our electricity grids, by their very nature, are interconnected," said CEA President and Chief Executive Officer Pierre Guimond. "As we move together towards a future where electricity will be used in more applications the focus will be on the industry's ability to provide clean, safe and reliable electricity to North Americans. Working on this in tandem, and with purpose, will be essential if we are to deliver on our promise of a clean energy future for both Americans and Canadians."

Of the issues examined and discussed in this report, Guimond says: "These aren't unique to Canada or even to the North American market, but are a global reality. However, we have a unique bilateral relationship to address them here between Canada and the United States. This is a powerful opportunity to make impacts on a broad and comprehensive scale."

The CEA paper is produced annually in conjunction with the Association's Washington Policy Forum. Canadian electricity industry senior executives will be meeting with Commissioners of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) as well as with administration and congressional officials who play an active role in energy issues regulation.

"Keeping U.S. decision makers apprised of the Canada factor on electricity issues specifically, and energy issues generally, is an ongoing responsibility," noted Guimond. "The trade and commerce of electricity is vital to both countries. The flow of electricity north and south across our mutual border must never be taken for granted."


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