Society of Energy Professionals welcomes new Hydro One board members

TORONTO, ONTARIO - The Society of Energy Professionals, whose members include engineers, scientists, accountants and information technology professionals at Hydro One, welcomes the appointment of five new board members.

"We are pleased that the government has added five new people to the Hydro One Board of Directors and we look forward to working closely with this group to address the electricity concerns raised by our members and Ontarians across the province," said Andrew Müller, President, Society of Energy Professionals.

The Society is on the record making several suggestions on how to improve Hydro One. A number of areas of concern were identified in the report to the Standing Committee on Government Agencies reviewing Hydro One and they include:

- Skills Shortages and Succession Planning

- Labour Relations

- Health and Safety

- Utilizing Members' Skills versus Contracting Out

The Society is currently working with Hydro One management to address these concerns and welcomes the support of the new board members in this initiative.


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