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Indeck Power Equipment Company

1111 Willis Avenue
Wheeling, Illinois, USA, 60090

About Indeck Power Equipment Company

Indeck Power Equipment Company offers rental power plant equipment for emergencies, scheduled outages, or increased capacity requirements. Indeck has a large inventory of boilers for sale, lease, or rental with sizes ranging to over 250,000 pounds per hour of steam. Indeck also supplies mobile steam systems, trailer designed watertube boilers, diesel generators, air and water cooled chillers and emergency deaerators. Our emergency telephone line 800-446-3325 is open 24 hours per day.

Indeck is the home to many of the most trusted boiler designs ever built: Volcano, Erie City, Aalborg, IBC and International Boiler Works all under one roof. Manufacturerd styles include Keystone "A", "O", "D", Modular "D" type boilers along with the Lamont line of High Temperature Hot Water Generators. Typical fuel sources utilized are Gas, oil, Biomass, Waste Heat and Solid Fuels. Large Capacity custom design boilers of up to 1,000,000 pounds per hour of steam are available.

From concept to start-up Indeck has the design and manufacturing experience to offer steam systems that are built to your exact specification. Typical system components include boiler, fans, burner, trim, UL listed controls for burner, combustion management and feedwater control, stacks and emission reduction equipment. Our ASME certified designs and in-house quality control program are second to none.

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