Electrical Safety Manuals

Electrical Safety Manuals
Electrical Safety Manual

Electricians expose themselves regularly to equipment that operate using large amounts of electrical current, which can make their jobs very dangerous. The high risk of electrocution (death by electrical shock) isn't something that can be taken lightly, so safety codes are put in place to provide specific rules and regulations on a variety of work applications such as points of attachment and underground wiring methods. These codes, updated every few years, are published as an electrical safety manual that an electrician can refer to regarding specific jobs. PPE (personal protective equipment) plays a large part in an electrician’s safety, so these codes outline how PPE should be designed and used.

Electrical Safety Manuals -- NFPA 70E: Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace
The NFPA 70E is the set of electrical safety rules and regulations for American workers. The standard is generated and published by the National Fire Protection Agency, the government body who sets standards for fire-related hazards and equipment. The NFPA publishes the NFPA 70E: Electrical Safety in the Workplace, which contains regulations and how-to’s for arc blast, arc flash, electrocution, and other important electrical safety manual-related topics. The last edition came out in 2009, however, was revised in early 2011.

Electrical Safety Manuals -- Z462-08: Workplace electrical safety
This electrical safety manual is the Canadian version of the NFPA-70. Like the NFPA-70 electrical safety manual, this publication covers electrical safety requirements that protect Canadian workers during electrical operation, electrical maintenance, electrical installation, and other vital topics. Rules and specifications for workers in office buildings, garages, residences, warehouses and other facilities are outlined, as well as the aforementioned topics covered in the NFPA-70 electrical safety manual summary. The first edition of this manual was introduced in 2008 and subsequent revisions have been made since its first publication. A new edition of the Z462-08 electrical safety manual will be released in 2012. /p>

Electrical Safety Manuals -- Electricity Forum Handbooks
The Electricity Forum offers frequent updates to their electrical safety manuals. Electricians have benefited from the Electrical Safety & Arc Flash Handbook series. The most recent edition, Volume 7, contains updated information on establishing arc-flash hazard programs, understanding arc-flash hazard basics, creating lockout/tagout programs, among other topics.
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