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Distributed Generation Training

 Distributed Generation

This 2-Day Distributed Generation training courseĀ is ideal for a wide range of employees from newly hired to seasoned professionals that are looking to gain an understanding of the basics of distributed generation.

Distributed Generation. This is one of the hottest subjects in today's fast-paced energy marketplace. Every day the energy sales market becomes more competitive. Whether you are working in a regulated distributed power generation utility, an unregulated energy marketer, or are a large industrial or commercial energy user there are reliability and economic issues that distributed generation can address.

Distributed generation is a modern power planning approach that utilizes small-scale genration technologies to produce electric power close to where the electricity is being consumed. Distributed generation technologies often consist of modular (and sometimes renewable-energy) generators, and they offer a number of potential benefits.  Distributed generators can often provide lower-cost electricity and higher power reliability than traditional generation development, with fewer negative environmental outcomes than with traditional power generators. 

This 2-Day Distributed Generation training course is ideal for a wide range of employees from newly hired to seasoned professionals that are looking to gain an understanding of the basics of distributed generation. They will receive an overview of the equipment and the circumstances that are necessary in a successful distributed generation project. Material that is tailored to the Ontario electricity market is presented to enable attendees to walk away with a real understanding of the things it takes to make a successful project.


WHO should attend

This course is ideal for

  • Managers in all areas of the as and electric industries
  • Facilities managers of industrial or commercial businesses
  • Managers of physical plants
  • Engineers in design firms
  • Analysts
  • Policy makers in governmental or policy organizations
  • Consultants, attorneys, traders, and others who work with the electric industry



Overview of the program

Overview of Distributed Generation

  • Terminology of power production
  • History of distributed generation
  • Technology overview
  • Applications of distributed generation systems

Emissions Regulations and Impact on Distributed Power Generation

  • New regulations and their impact on generation
  • Technology solutions
  • How to work with regulatory bodies


Engine & Turbine CHP Distributed Generation

  • Utility attitudes toward CHP projects
  • Review of projects
  • Where are we headed?

Engines and Engine Systems

  • Technical fundamentals
  • Packaged systems
  • Vendors
  • System applications



Turbines & Microturbines

  • Technical fundamentals
  • History of microturbine development
  • Vendors
  • System applications
  • Fuel Cells and Emerging Technology

Fuel cell components

  • Process description
  • Vendors
  • System applications

Economics and Analysis of CHP

  • Capital costs
  • Revenue streams
  • Cost analysis of operating expenses
  • Determining simple payback
  • Sophisticated economic evaluations

Interconnection Standards- Microconnect Speaker

  • Government regulations
  • History of interconnection standard development
  • Interconnection checklist

The Evaluation Process: A Case Study of Distributed Generation

  • Project description
  • Technology assessment
  • Cost analysis
  • Economic evaluation


Questions and Answers



Both days:

Start: 8:00 a.m.
Coffee Break: 10:00 a.m.
Lunch: 12:00 noon
Restart: 1:15 p.m.
Finish: 4:30 p.m.





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