Facility Licensed Electrician


Job Summary: 
 You will perform general electrical work using hand tools and testing instruments and complete all required maintenance tasks as part of preventive maintenance programs. In addition, you will troubleshoot systems to determine required repairs and completes as required. 

-Repair, install, replace and test electrical circuits, equipment and appliances within assigned buildings i.e.., install device receptacles, provide connection to computer workstations, replace fuses and/or faulty switches, etc.
-Perform preventive maintenance and inspections on building electrical equipment and systems, both high and low voltage i.e., test electrical lighting, monitors systems.
-Ensure all required tasks are completed per the manufacturer specifications.
-Assist in developing preventive maintenance programs for all equipment.
-Troubleshoot electrical equipment and systems and/or diagnoses the cause of trouble and makes repairs i.e., corrects any emergency power outages. Maintain work logs i.e., records of wiring and prepares various reports as necessary.
-Perform other general building maintenance functions as required.
-Perform additional duties as requested (i.e. maintain inventory for supplies and parts, requisitions parts/equipment as needed, perform various general maintenance functions as requested, coordinates activities of outside contractors). Assist in determining budget estimates for necessary electrical work. Ability to troubleshoot problems and take immediate action in emergency situations. 


-Ability to read all blueprints, or systems diagrams 
-Extensive working knowledge of electrical equipment and systems 
-Expertise in networking cabling infrastructure (CNCI certification preferred) including installing, troubleshooting, repairing and replacing of low voltage cabling

-Ability to physically pick up at least 40 to 50 pounds and be able to climb ladders, neal, bend, crouch under things, in other words there are physical characteristics that are required that go along with this job

-Ability to pull, dress, terminate and test cat 6 cables
-Master electrician's (Journeyman's) license 
-Trade school education plus 5 years of directly related electrical work experience and some supervisory experience 

-Strong communication and interpersonal skills 

Please send your resume to val.peselman@cognex.com


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Journeyman Electrician




Natick , Massachusetts,
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