Electrical Technician

Electrical Technician

Motor Diagnostic Systems is a small instrumentation company in Berthoud Colorado that supports the electric motor industry. A majority of MDS business involves working with a European test equipment manufacturer that is establishing a strong foothold in the Americas. We also have developed several unique small products both hardware and software. The position open here would be filled by a person with a basic understanding of electronics, but as importantly, has an entrepreneurial spirit and is motivated by genuine curiosity. MDS does offer medical insurance and a 401K retirement investment plan.

1. Required Skills

a. read mechanical and electrical drawings

b. create drawings and procedures

c. use oscilloscopes, DVMs, signal sources, power supplies, measurement probes

d. lift 75lbs

e. drive a forklift

f. proficient with Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel, Power Point)

g. Be familiar with a part numbering system and be able to maintain the integrity of a PN


h. work well with other MDS people

i. safely use power saws, drills, grinders, soldering irons, chemicals,

j. safely work with 480VAC circuits and assemblies

2. Duties

a. Build cable assemblies, fixtures, electrical panels

b. Load and unload equipment

c. Perform instrument calibrations

d. Travel to perform onsite calibrations

e. Perform motor dynamometer tests

f. Maintain an orderly laboratory

g. Identify better methods of doing business

3. Knowledge

a. Principles of voltage and current

b. Principle of operation of inductors, capacitors and resistors

c. Principles of single and three phase power

d. Be willing to learn what you don't know

Motor Diagnostic Systems, Inc.

Contact Curtis.Malarkey@mdsusa.net

805 2nd St Unit 1

Berthoud, CO 80538


Motor Diagnostics Systems at Electricity Forum

Motor Diagnostics Systems

502 2nd Street
Unit 1
Berthoud, Colorado, United States, 80513

Motor Diagnostic Systems specializes in testing and instrumentation for all types of electrical motors. We provide the tools and technical knowledge needed to “power” your team. Our equipment and expertise allow you to test your electrical apparatus while also measuring voltage, current, and resistance in the system. You can then print professional reports to support field and lab testing for industrial, automotive, aerospace, and marine customers seeking to solve motor-related opportunities in design, manufacturing, repair, and plant operations throughout North America.

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Electrical Technician




Berthoud, Colorado,
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