Instrumentation & Controls Engineer (Requisition ID 7247)

  • Assist in the establishment of preliminary design criteria, review engineering specifications, commission large-sale capital improvement projects in support of NYPA’s generation and transmission facilities.  Includes but not limited to unit upgrades, unit overhauls and other major improvements at NYPA’s facilities.
  • Assist in the preparation of thorough Asset Management work plans in support of all recurring and non-recurring engineered jobs.  Engineered jobs include the preparation of all drawings, procurement of all materials, preparation of all installation and O&M procedures and the review of all engineering and test data.  Includes completion of all job safety analysis.
  • Provide supervisory and administrative support of the Instrumentation & Control Department's requirement to maintain and improve overall operating performance.
  • Review existing instrumentation and control equipment for performance and, or increased maintenance costs, and prepare recommendations for repair or replacement.  Ensure all regulatory requirements are met (NYISO, NPCC, NERC/CIP, NERC/PRC, FERC, FCC).  Includes the preparation of all budget justification forms.
  • Review the current maintenance practices for suitability and economic reasonableness.  Prepare recommendations for improvement, consistent with current technology and proactive industry, and government compliance standards.
  • Provide support for all facility O&M, WPO Protection & Control Engineering, ECC, Joint Works and other NYPA departments in implementing equipment modifications or design changes.  Includes the preparation of all drawings necessary to install the revisions.
  • Assist in the preparation of engineering reports, such as the protective relaying disturbance reports and equipment failure reports, etc. as required by the Instrumentation & Control Department.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by management.

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