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The CB11 is a 3 contacts circuit breaker analyzer designed to perform Timing, Motion as well as Static & Dynamic Resistance Measurement (DRM) in a single test. It also includes 3 multifunction analog inputs.
It can be used on all types of circuit breakers typically found in electrical substations, going from the distribution level all the way to high voltage levels.
Our CB11 has been designed to use the same software as our CBV and to perform the same tests as our CBA, hence being the best complement to both those instruments.
While the CBA is focused on large circuit breakers and the CBV on vibro-acoustic technology, the CB11 is the perfect solution for testing small circuit breakers easily, at an affordable price and still with the best precision.If you already own a CBA/CBV, all CBA/CBV accessories already purchased can be used with the CB11! the only thing you need to care about is the size of the breakers you are about to test!
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