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Wire & Cable Handbook Vol. 2

This 100+ page handbook discusses wire and cable installation, testing and maintenance as well as many aspects to proper and effective proactive, predictive electrical maintenance and overall proper power wire and cable management systems.

  • High-Speed Transmission Over Structured Wiring Systems
  • Electrical Cables for Industrial Machinery
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Flexible Cables & Design Considerations
  • Hazardous Location Cables
  • Examining Hexavalet Chrome on Steel Conduit
  • Design Trends in Wire and Cable Management Systems
  • Neon Tubing Secondary Wiring Methods
  • How Can I Wire It? Hazardous Location Wiring Methods Simplified
  • Multi-Fiber Connectors for Plug-n-Play Systems
  • National Electrical Code (US)
  • Home Networking Using “No New Wires” Phoneline and Powerline Interconnection Technologies
  • Zone Wiring Within Commercial Buildings: An Innovative Approach
  • The Effects of EFT Disturbances on Fast Ethernet Performance
  • Two-inch Cable Bend Radius: A New Standard for Wire and Cable Management Systems
  • Why Grounding Is Used?
  • Wire Management Flexibility For Smart Buildings
  • Wiring Methods and Overcurrent Protection
  • Wiring methods, Components, and Equipment for General Use The Advantages of Safety Networking over Point-to-Point Wiring for Integrating Multiple Safety Components
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