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Power Quality, Grounding and UPS Handbook, Volume 10
covers all the information you need to create a safe and secure grounding environment for your integrated electrical and electronic systems - a special section on UPS systems. ALL NEW INFORMATION!!

To make the most out of your equipment, they should be running at peak efficiency. Power quality, proper grounding and uninterruptible power systems are crucial to ensuring that the investment you have made in your equipment is used to the fullest. This 130 page handbook examines such topics as power quality troubleshooting, what a UPS system is, power quality meters, the effect of harmonic currents, and reliability assessment. These articles, and many more, will ensure that your electrical equipment keeps running smoothly and safely.

  • Power Quality 101
  • What is a UPS System?
  • Power System Harmonic Mitigation for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Power Quality Tips from a Professional Utility TroubleShooter
  • Power Quality Frequently Asked Questions
  • Power Quality TroubleShooting
  • Reliability Assessment of Integrated Flywheel UPS versus Double-Conversion UPS with Batteries
  • Power Quality Problem Causes
  • Effect of Harmonic Currents on Semiconductor Fuse Ratings
  • Selecting Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors
  • Theory of Operation: Low Speed Flywheel
  • Competitive Analysis of Off-Line UPS Systems
  • Power and Grounding for Audio and Audio/Video Systems
  • Source Impedance, Power Quality and Load Performance
  • Next-Generation Power Quality Matters
  • Power Quality and Harmonics - Everyday Concerns That Affect Building Operations
  • Current-Limiting Fuses Improve Power Quality
  • Ground Fault Detection in Multiple Source Solidy Grounded Systems Via The Single-Processor Concept for Circuit Protection
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
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