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Electrical Transformer Testing Handbook Vol. 4

This 130 page handbook examines many of the crucial steps needed to test and maintain transformers.

Transformer Basics
  • Instrument Transformers Technical Information and Application Guide
  • The Fundamentals of Current Sense Transformer Design
  • Parallel Operation of Transformers
  • Capacitor Voltage Transformers (CVTs)
  • Detection Of Partial Discharge In Cast-Resin Dry-Type Transformer By Using Acoustic Emission Technique
  • Guide for Optimum Specification of Toroidal Transformers
  • On-Load Tap-Changers Selection Guide
  • Dry Type Transformers for Non-Linear Loads
  • About Clor-N-Oilâ„¢ Field Test Program
  • Transformer Maintenance Interval Management
  • Installation and Maintenance of Single Phase IEC and EATS Style Pole Mount Transformers
  • Sampling Insulating Oil for Transformers and Oil Circuit Breakers
  • Oil Testing and Diagnostics Predictive and Proactive Maintenance - Investigative Services/Research and Development
  • Seismic Evaluation of 196 kV Porcelain Transformer Bushings
  • Benefits of Sensors for Online Monitoring Systems for Power Transformers
  • Two-Dimensional Shaking Table Test of Transformer Bushing with Seismic Isolation Device
  • How Infrared Thermography Helps Southern California Edison Improve Grid Reliability
  • Infrared Diagnostics on Padmount Transformer Elbows
  • Field Determination Of PCB In Transformer Oil Clor-N-Oilâ„¢ Kit
  • Transformer Ratings
  • Harmonics Selection and Raating of Transformers
  • A New Technique for On-line Monitoring of Transformer Bushings
  • Automatic Impulse Voltage Routine Testing of Distribution Transformers
  • Optimum Reduction of Power Frequency Magnetic Fields from Transformer Vaults
  • Arc Furnace Transformer Failures
  • Transformer Facts and Myths
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