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Electrical Maintenance Handbook Volume 9

Part of the popular testing and measurement series of handbooks, Volume 9 further examines the crucial elements of proper maintenance and testing techniques essential to minimizing risk and liability.

  • Exploring the Necessity of the Hot Hipot Test
  • Line Leakage Testing: Is it Right for your Application?
  • Comparative Corrosion and Current Burst Testing of Copper and Aluminum Electrical Power Connectors
  • How to Avoid the Real Cost of Non-Compliance in Static Control
  • Understanding Insulation Resistance Testing
  • 10 Dumb Things Smart People do when Testing Electricity
  • Isolation Technologies for Reliable Industrial Measurements
  • Inter-System Ground Noise: Cause and Effects
  • AC Motor Selection and Application Guide
  • Dielectric Withstand Testing of Modulat and Manufactured Homes
  • Why Calibrate Test Equipment?
  • Reducing Ground Bounce in DC-to-DC Converters — Some Grounding Essentials
  • Impedance/Return Loss: The Basics
  • How Stray Voltage Affects Multimeter Mesurements
  • Whole Facility UPS Protection: A Practical Solution to Class-A Data-Canter Power Densities
  • Ground Bond or Ground Continuity? Taking Your Customer^^s Safety to the Next Level
  • Short Circuit Current Ratings & Solid State Relays
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