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Circuit Breaker and Switchgear Handbook, Vol.3

The third volume in our Circuit Breaker and Switchgear handbook series is a comprehensive examination of circuit breaker and switchgear operations, monitoring, protection and tresting and maintenance troubleshooting methods.

Introduction to Circuit Breakers
  • Electric System Protection: Fuses Vs. Breakers
  • Electrical Circuit Breakers Defined
  • Circuit Breaker Operation
  • DC and AC Low Voltage Circuit Breaker
  • Circuit Breakers Ampacity
  • Methods Of Mounting Circuit Breakers
  • Advanced Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers and Standards
  • Fuses ? the Dinosaurs of Circuit Protection
  • Circuit Breakers: Are you protected?
  • Overload or Short Circuit Protection?
  • Field Test Procedure for Protective Relays
  • Phase Comparison Relay REL352 Settings
  • Arc flash Energy Calculations for Circuit Breakers and Fuses Class 100
  • Circuit Breakers, Time Current Curves and Selective Coordination
  • Insulated Case (ICCB), Molded Case (MCCB) and MICROCOMPUTER Circuit
  • Safety Circuits, Force Guided vs. General Purpose Relays
  • Historical Trending Uncovers Potential Relay Problems Microprocessor-Based Generator Relay Shortens Design Cycle and Improves Protection
  • Commonly Used IEE Switchgear Device Numbers
  • Relay Settings for a Motor with Power Factor Correction Capacitor
  • Overcurrent Coordination Setting Guidelines for Transformers
  • Maximizing the Life Span of Your Relays
  • Five Ways to Reduce Arc Flash Hazards
  • DOES SIZE REALLY MATTER? ? An Exploration of the Utilization of a Single Higher Energy Rated MOV vs. Paralleling Multiple Lower Energy MOVs
  • 5kV and 15kV Class Metal-Clad Switchgear
  • Protection and substation automation
  • Thyristors Used as AC Static Switches and Relays
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