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Circuit Breaker And Switchgear Handbook Vol. 2

This 104+ page handbook contains all-new circuit breaker and switchgear articles. Such articles as Arc Resistant Switchgear Retrofits and Is Your Electrical Switchgear Safe? Provide vital information for today^^s electrical engineers and contractors.

Specifications and Standards for Circuit Breakers and Supplementary Protectors
  • A Novel Continuous On-Line PD Monitor for Motors, Switchgear and Dry-type Transformers
  • The Dirty Dozen: The 12 Most Common Mistakes of Specifying Circuit Protection for Equipment
  • Innovation to Reality: Introducing State-of-the-Art Protection and Monitoring to Existing Low-Voltage Switchgear
  • Inspection, Maintenance, and Rebuilding Options for Older Circuit-Switchers
  • Protection, Control, Reliability and Diagnostic Improvements via Single-Processor Controls of Circuit Breakers in Low Voltage Switchgear
  • Arc Resistant Switchgear Retrofits
  • Checking Electrical Rooms
  • Circuit Protection Methods: Differentiating Between Supplementary Protection, Branch Circuit Protection and Self-Protected Devices
  • Experience Using the boundary Element Method in Electrostatic Computations as a Fundamental Tool in High Voltage Switchgear Design
  • Future Trends in Development of Low-Voltage Vacuum Switchgear
  • Novel Approach for Insulating Medium Voltage Reclosers
  • Experience with Infrared leak Detection on FPL Switchgear
  • Is Your Electrical Switchgear Safe?
  • The Environmental Benefits of Remanufacturing Beyond SF6 Emission Remediation
  • The Magnetically Actuated Circuit Breaker Reality
  • Rack Powering Options for High Density Power Systems
  • Primary-Side Transformer Protection
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