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Automatic Meter Reading - Handbook, Vol. 1

Automatic Meter Reading technological advances in AMR has jumped by leaps and bounds in the last decade. The handbook not only explains the technology and theory behind such metering, but how it can be implemented for utility customers across the country.

A Primer on Mesh Network Technology
  • Smart Metering Systems Solutions for Utilities
  • Interfacing Optical CTs and VTs to Relays and Meters
  • Theft Resistant Energy Meters
  • Low Cost RF Solutions for AMR Systems
  • Implementing Smart Metering Infrastructure for Small-Scale Residential Customers
  • Fiber-Optic Current Transducer Optimized for Power Metering Applications
  • Trusting Integrated Circuits in Metering Applications
  • CT Reclassification System Cuts Costs of Grid Metering
  • Metromesh and Automated Meter Reading: A Winning Combination
  • Questions Exist About Smart Meters and the Energy Policy Act
  • Why We^^re Selling Advanced Metering All Wrong... and How to Sell It Right
  • Sub-Metering Energy use in Colleges and Universities: Incentives and Challenges
  • Survey of Technologies and Cost Estimates for Residential Electricity Services
  • Advanced Utility Metering
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