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Head Office — Ontario
High Voltage Test Lab, Distribution Centre & Sales Office
46 Meridian Road, Toronto, ON M9W 4Z7
Toll-Free: 800-299-9769 / Tel: 416-742-6911 / Fax: 416-748-0290

Sales Office
Toll-Free: 800-299-9769 / Tel: 450-477-2787 / Fax: 450-477-3388

Western Canada — Alberta
High Voltage Test Lab, Distribution Centre & Sales Office
5825 97th Street NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 3J2
Toll-Free: 800-530-8640 / Tel: 780-434-4911 / Fax: 780-434-6911

Western Canada — BC
Sales Office
Toll-Free: 866-347-6911 / Tel: 604-945-6912

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Trusted since 1958, Lineman's Testing Laboratories of Canada (LTL) has promoted worker safety by offering brand name personal protective equipment, Utility tools, specialized electrical services, and technical training to the Utility, Forestry and Industrial sectors nationwide. Today, LTL offers the services of three divisions: LTL Utility Supply, Electrical Engineering & Substation Services, and NAIL-accredited high voltage testing, calibration and factory-authorized warranty repair. LTL's industry-experienced team includes certified technologists, laboratory technicians, electrical engineers, linemen, master electricians as well as degreed business personnel, professional sales people, product specialists, and knowledgeable customer service representatives. Lineman's Testing Laboratories is committed to providing quality products and exceptional services to our customers; our extensive product inventory, expanded lab service offerings and comprehensive substation maintenance programs are a testament to this commitment.

Lineman's Testing Laboratories of Canada, Trusted Since 1958 serving Canada coast-to-coast with convenient locations in Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver.

Largest Stocking Canadian Distributor of Personal Protective Equipment/Insulating Rubber Gloves
Government legislation mandates the use of personal protective equipment for anyone working on or near electrical power or live apparatus. Staying apprised of current standards and regulations, LTL's knowledgeable product specialists recommend application-specific personal protective equipment to ensure safety and compliance. LTL is the largest stocking Canadian distributor of PPE including insulating rubber gloves and accessories, arc flash clothing and related equipment. Training on provincial legislation as to proper product selection, care, and usage is available.

LTL Utility Supply Division
LTL Utility Supply properly equips trucks and crews to handle all overhead and underground tasks within the utility, forestry, industrial and telecom sectors. LTL assists with compliant personal protective equipment and utility tools selection from an extensive inventory, offers product and safety awareness training, as well as equipment recertification, calibration, and repair in LTL's largest Canadian NAIL-accredited high voltage testing facilities. Visit our Toronto store for tools and equipment that is pre-certified and ready to go, or check us out on the web at

Portable and Fixed Gas Detection
Lineman's Testing Laboratories offers a range of easy-to-use, high quality single and multi-gas personal flammable and toxic gas detectors made for maximum mobility and use in confined space. LTL also supplies multi- and single point, exotic and draw systems with the ability to mix and match. These systems can be programmed to set off alarms, turn on fans, and hook up to PLC's and SCADAS.

NAIL-Accredited High Voltage Testing, Calibration & Factory-Authorized Warranty Repair Centres
Lineman's Testing Laboratories is home to Canada's largest NAIL-accredited high voltage testing, calibration and factory-authorized warranty repair centres. With two full-service labs located in Toronto and Edmonton, companies within the forestry, industrial, oil and gas, and mining sectors, in addition to the majority of the Canadian utilities, rely on LTL for recertification of insulating rubber gloves, PPE, and live line tools. Experienced lab technicians ensure proper handling of equipment at all times while in our facilities. LTL adheres strictly to testing procedures in accordance to NAIL requirements and applicable standards including ASTM, IEEE, CSA, CUL, and/or as specifically directed by our customers.

Custom Grounds, Live Line Tools and Related Equipment
LTL builds and inventories an assortment of basic distribution grounding assembly kits (includes the required ASTM F2249 compliant testing), as well as a variety of hot sticks used for grounding and switching applications. All grounding assembly components are tested to ASTM F855 by the manufacturer. LTL also manufactures potential indicators, and supplies quality metering and instrumentation equipment.

Comprehensive Substation Maintenance Programs
Performed and directed by skilled technicians, LTL offers comprehensive substation maintenance programs. These extensive programs include testing and calibration, inspection, adjustment, cleaning and repair as required of high and low voltage electrical and mechanical components, and analysis of electrical insulating fluids. Early detection of electrical equipment weakness or potential hazard through regular substation maintenance helps to reduce production downtime and associated costs, as well as improves safety conditions for system operating personnel. Avoid loss of insurance coverage by performing regular substation maintenance. LTL recommends regular infrared scanning as part of an annual substation maintenance program to identify potential problem areas before they occur.

Custom Substation Installations
Lineman's Testing Laboratories has performed custom installations since 1967 and has supplied and installed turnkey main power electrical systems from traditional H-frame substation projects to tamperproof designs. LTL upgrades or retrofits an existing facility, or designs and builds for new substations.

Infrared (Scanning) Thermography
All Infrared Scanning (Infrared Thermography) programs are NOT the same. Utilizing the services of a certified Electrician who also has a license in infrared Thermography ensures that infrared scanning has been performed by a technician who understands the effects of the hot spots captured on camera. This is of utmost importance when determining what hot spots are critical to on-going equipment performance from those which are less immediate and can be addressed during regular annual preventative maintenance. A highly beneficial element to the preventative maintenance program is Infrared Scanning. It accurately identifies potential equipment problem areas requiring immediate attention, allowing for repairs before failure or damage occurs, thereby avoiding emergency repairs and the high costs of production line shutdowns. Thermography is the process of using an infrared imager to detect the heat that objects radiate as infrared energy, which is proportionate to loads. Infrared energy is a portion of the light spectrum, invisible to the naked eye. Our state-of-the-art infrared cameras detect electrical and/ or mechanical hot-spots and record them into a picture format, clearly identifying these objects as heat images and measuring their temperature. By creating a thermogram, our skilled technicians obtain information from several points in the field view of the scanner in mere seconds. Because a hot connection can fail, causing equipment damage and/or fire, infrared scanning is an essential component of a preventative maintenance program. Infrared scanning should be performed twice yearly under load for all electrical equipment in industrial and commercial environments where system reliability and continuous operation is essential.

Emergency Service
LTL provides 24-hour emergency service for all commercial, industrial, and utility sites. Professional troubleshooting and round-the-clock services in conjunction with a well planned inventory supply ensures timely recovery and reduced incidence of downtime. Inventory includes new pole/tower disconnect switches of all sizes and configurations, fuse assemblies, fuses, cables, terminators, poles, line hardware, HV switchgear, and a vast selection of transformers and other related equipment.

Detailed Arc Flash Studies
Lineman's Testing Laboratories helps facilities create safer working environments for those who use or operate electrical systems by providing detailed arc flash hazard studies in accordance with NFPA 70E and the CSA Z462. Electrical dangers such as shock, arc flash, and arc blast will always be present on the job, but safety strategies and proper training can minimize the likelihood of injuries and fatalities. LTL determines the risk levels in your facility, educates your staff with respect to proper protective item selection, use and storage, and provides superior quality products designed to match the physical demands of your job.

Environmentally Friendly Mobile Transformer Oil Regeneration
With a commitment to personnel safety and environmental protection, LTL provides a cost-effective method for on- or off-line oil recycling using a state-of-the-art mobile transformer oil regeneration system. LTL's proprietary process produces oil that equals or surpasses new oil quality.

Company Products

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Absorbents - Oil Absorbents
Absorbents - Oil Containment
Aerial Lifts - Bucket Liners
Anchors - Bolt
Anchors - Corrosion Resistant
Anchors - Earth - Expanding & Deadman
Anchors - Earth - Rock
Anchors - Earth - Screw
Anchors - Equipment
Anchors - Power Installed
Arc Flash
Arc Flash - Arc Flash Engineering/Consultation
Arc Flash - Arc Flash Labels
Arc Flash - Arc Flash Mitigation
Arc Flash - Arc Flash PPE/Clothing
Arc Flash - Arc Flash Study/Analysis
Arc Flash - Arc Flash Training (Canada)
Arc Protection
Arc Protection - Flame and Arc Resistant Raingear
Arresters - Surge
Arresters - Lightning
Arresters - Lightning - Elbows
Arresters - Lightning - Secondary Distribution
Arresters - Lightning - Surge
Arresters - Lightning - Distribution
Arresters - Lightning - Distribution - Combined Arrester Cutout
Arresters - Lightning - Distribution - Line Type
Arresters - Lightning - Distribution - Station
Arresters - Lightning - Distribution - Submersible
Belts - Safety and Body
Belts - Tool
Blankets - Rubber
Blocks - Conductor Stringing
Blocks - Hoist
Blocks - Rope - Snatch
Bolts - Bronze
Bolts - Galvanized
Bolts - Stainless Steel
Boots - Safety
Brackets - Cable
Brackets - Cluster-mount
Bucket Liners
Cable - Grounding
Cable - High Voltage, Power
Cable - Jumper
Cable - Terminations
Cable Fault Locating - Equipment
Cable Lashers (Spinners)
Cable Pulling Accessories
Cable Pulling Accessories - Fish Tape
Cable Testers
Cable Testers - Communications
Clamps - Bail
Clamps - Blanket
Clamps - Dead-end
Clamps - Ground
Clamps - Hot line
Clamps - Messenger
Clamps - Neutral
Clamps - Stirrup
Clamps - Strain
Clamps - Temporary Ground
Cleaners - Cable
Cleaners - Hot Stick and Boom
Clevises - Dead-end
Clevises - Insulated
Climbers - Linemen's
Clothing - Arc Flash PPE
Clothing - Fire Resistant
Clothing - Goggles
Clothing - Traffic and Safety
Compression Dies
Compression/Crimp Terminals
Cones - Traffic
Confined Space
Confined Space - Fixed gas systems
Confined Space - Personal portable - Multi-gas
Confined Space - Personal portable - Single gas
Connectors - T&D - Underground-Terminating
Consultants - Substation Design and Engineering
Consultants - Transformers
Coordination Study
Crossarms - Fiberglass
Crossarms - Fiberglass - Reinforced
Crossarms - Steel
Crossarms - Wood - Laminated
Crossarms - Wood - Solid
Cutouts - Fused-Open - Loadbreak
Cutouts - Fused-Open - Nonloadbreak
Cutters - Battery Powered
Cutters - Bolt
Cutters - Brush
Cutters - Busbar
Cutters - Cable
Cutters - Conduit
Cutters - Knockout Hole
Cutters - Rod
Cutters - Wire
Deadends - Fibreglass
Deadends - Formed Spiral
Deadends - Polymer
Detectors - Voltage
Dielectric Footwear
Drills - Hammer
Drives - Anchor
Drives - Ground Rod
Education - Seminars
Electrical Services
Emergency First Aid - Spill Response Kits
Escape and Rescue Devices
Fall Protection
Fall Protection - Consulting
Fall Protection - Electric Utilities
Fall Protection - Fall Protection Equipment
Fall Protection - Substations
Fall Protection - T&D Operations
Fall Protection - Tower Erection
Fall Protection - Wood Pole Climbing
Fault Locators
Fuses - Current Limiting
Fuses - Power
Fuses - Power (Over 600V)
Gas Detection
Gas Detection - Fixed Gas Systems
Gas Detection - Personal portable - Multi-gas
Gas Detection - Personal portable - Single gas
Gins - Crossarm
Gins - Pole Framing
Gins - Transformer
Gloves - Cut Resistant
Gloves - Insulated
Gloves - Linesman's Gloves
Gloves - Rubber
Goggles - Safety
Grease - Conductive
Grease - Silicone
Grease - Wire-pulling
Grips - Cable-pulling
Grips - Cable-support
Grips - Wire Mesh
Ground - Clamps - Temporary
Ground - Traveling
Ground Plates
Ground Rod Connections
Ground Rod Connections - Mechanical
Ground Rods - Copperweld - Copperclad
Ground Rods - Galvanized
Ground Rods - Temporary
Ground Testing
Grounding Equipment
Guards - Animal and Bird
Guards - Bushing
Guards - Plastic
Hardware - Poleline
Harnesses - Full Body
Hearing Protection
Hearing Protection - Muffs
Hearing Protection - Plugs
Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat Shrink Tubing - Sealing Products
Heaters - Manhole Electric
Heaters - Portable Electric
Hoods - Rubber-Hotline
Hose - Rubber-Hotline
Hot Sticks
Hotline Tools
Indicators - Liveline
Infrared Thermography
Insulators - Guy Strain-Fiberglass-reinforced
Insulators - Guy Strain-Porcelain
Insulators - Hardwares
Insulators - Pin-type
Insulators - Polymer
Insulators - Post Line - Polymer
Insulators - Post Universal - polymer
Insulators - Post vertical - polymer
Insulators - Post-Horizontal
Insulators - Post-Station
Insulators - Rubber
Insulators - Spool
Insulators - Strain
Insulators - Suspension
Jumpers - By pass
Kits - Cable-Splicing
Kits - Cable-Terminating
Knives - Linemen's
Laboratories - Electrical
Ladders - Manhole
Lanyards - Shock Absorbing
Lashers - Cable (Spinners)
Lifelines - Retractable
Links - Fuse
Load Break Products
Load Break Products - Rubber
Lubricant - Wire Pulling
Lugs - Terminating
Meter Equipment
Metering Accessories
Multimeters - Battery
Oil - Absorbent
Oil - Purification
Oil Testing
Oil Testing - Dissolved Gas Analysis
Oil Testing - Furan Analysis
Oil Testing - Moisture Content
Oil Testing - Other Special Tests for Insulating Fluids
Oil Testing - Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Content
Pads - Outrigger
Personal Protective Equipment
Platforms - Linemen's
Pole Climbing Devices
Pole Line Hardware
Poles - Pike-Hand
Power Factor
Power Supplies - High Voltage
Protective Apparel
Protective Footwear
Protective Footwear - Boots
Raingear - Arc Protective
Raingear - Flame and Arc Resistant
Raingear - Flame Retardant
Raingear - Hi Vis
Retrieval Systems - Rescue
Rope - Double Braided Polyester
Rope - Kevlar(R)
Rope - Manila
Rope - Non-conducting
Rope - Nylon and Silk
Rope - Polyester
Rope - Polyethylene
Rope - Polypropylene
Rope - Safety
Rope - Wire
Safety Equipment
Safety Eyewear
Safety Eyewear - Faceshields
Safety Eyewear - Glasses
Sealants - Connector - Underground Aqua Seal
Sealants - Tapes
Sheaves - Conductor-stringing
Shelters - Tents
Shelters - Tents - Aerial
Shelters - Tents - Manhole
Shelters Work
Sleeves - Rubber - Linemen?s
Splices & Accessories
Splices & Accessories - 3Phase/Single Phase - 15 to 35kV
Splices & Accessories - Compression joint
Splices & Accessories - Molded
Splices & Accessories - Tension
Sticks - Hot
Sticks - Telescoping
Strippers - Cable Insulation
Switchboards - Maintenance
Switches - In Line Disconnect
Switchgear - Inspection and Testing
Switchgear - Rebuilding and Repair Service
Switchgear - Troubleshooting and Repair
Tags - Markers
Tap Changers - Filtration Systems
Tents - Splicers - Aerial
Tents - Splicers - Ground
Terminators - Cable
Test Equipment - Blanket
Test Equipment - Hipot
Test Equipment - Meter Equipment
Tools - Cable Crimping
Tools - Compression Crimping
Tools - Drills
Tools - Fish Tape
Tools - Insulated, Hand
Tools - Live Line
Tools - Loadbreak
Tools - Punching - Bus Bar
Tools - Punching Sheet Metal
Tools - Splicing
Tracked Vehicle Equipment
Traffic Safety Products
Traffic Safety Products - Barricade Tape
Traffic Safety Products - Channelizers
Traffic Safety Products - Clothing
Traffic Safety Products - Cones
Traffic Safety Products - Flags
Traffic Safety Products - Rainwear
Traffic Safety Products - Signs
Traffic Safety Products - Vests
Training - PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment )
Transformers - Maintenance
Transformers - Oil Purification
Transformers - Power Transformer
Transformers - Power Transformer - Dry-Out Systems
Transformers - Power Transformer - Moisture Management
Transformers - Rental Services
Transformers - Replacement of PCB Type
Transformers - Retrofill
Transformers - Substation
Transformers - Testing
Transformers - Vacuum Fillings
Transmission Maintenance Services
Travelers - Conductor-stringing
Utility Equipment
Voltmeters - Accessories
Voltmeters - Analog
Voltmeters - Digital
Voltmeters - Phasing
Wheel Chocks
Wire - Copper Grounding
Wire - Copper Strand
Wire - Steel Strand-Galvanized
Wire - Tie
Wire and Cable Accessories
Wire and Cable Accessories - Ferrules
Wire and Cable Accessories - Underground
Wrenches - Impact
Wrenches - Socket

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