Construction begins on Toronto's new transformer station

Recently, Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited Toronto Hydro, celebrated the start of construction on its new downtown transformer station.

Located near the historic John Street Roundhouse north of Lakeshore Boulevard, it was recently named Clare R. Copeland Transformer Station and is the first station built in the downtown core by Toronto Hydro since 1955.

When in service, it will provide electricity to buildings and neighbourhoods in the central-southwest region of Toronto. The majority of the station will be built underground and will preserve the historical railroad building called the Machine Shop.

Clare R. Copeland served Toronto Hydro as the Chairman of the Board of Directors from 1999 to 2013. The new transformer station pays tribute to his dedication and guidance to Toronto Hydro during his 14 years of service.

According to the recently released Economic Dashboard Report, Toronto is now the fourth largest metropolitan area, by population, in North America. Between 2006 and 2011, the population in the City's downtown increased by over 50 per cent. Clare R. Copeland Transformer Station will provide much needed additional capacity to serve current and future load requirements in this high-density, high-growth area of Toronto. In addition, the new station will 'back up' the existing Windsor Transformer Station, located on Front Street, in order to enable staged replacements of its end-of-life equipment.

Most of the station will be built under the existing Machine Shop located at Roundhouse Park, which will be re-assembled after construction of the station is complete. The Machine Shop will house the protection, control and station service equipment, while the major equipment transformers, switchgear, cabling, etc. will be housed below. Electrical supply for the station will be provided from Hydro One's Esplanade Station, which is located at Front Street.

From Esplanade Station, cables will be routed via a new underground cable tunnel to the new transformer station, where the voltages will be reduced, through transformers, for distribution to customers in the area. The new station is expected to be complete by the end of 2014. Toronto Hydro is investing approximately $195 million to build the new transformer station. QUICK FACTS

- Once in service, the new transformer station will add a total of 144 Mega Volt Amps of capacity, which is the equivalent to approximately 70 condo buildings. According to the City of Toronto, there are 189 high rise buildings approved for construction in Toronto.

- Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, the station will power major Toronto institutions including the CBC, Rogers Centre and the new Ripley's Aquarium.

Toronto Hydro/ Canada Newswire

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