Electrical Maintenance Training

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Course Description
This two day electrical maintenance training course will discuss application, installation, electrical maintenance and testing issues related to Low Medium and High Voltage Electric Circuit Breakers, Switchgear and Electrical Power Transformers. The course will provide the delegates with a solid understanding of theory and standards. The course will also make the delegates aware of issues concerning the proper application, installation and maintenance of these types of equipment with a strong emphasis on safety. Our electrical maintenance training course will cover a wide range of material starting from the basics and moving on to more complex issues. This course provides an overview of electric power system design and theory, focusing on the types of equipment used most commonly in the Utility, Industrial, Commercial and Institutional applications. Basic Circuit Breaker and Transformer construction, electrical safety, and common maintenance techniques are major components of this course.

Who Should Attend
This course is recommended for skilled trades, supervisors and anyone involved in the electrical maintenance and operations of Circuit Breakers and Power Transformers.

Course Objectives
This course is designed to enable participants to:

  • Understand Switchgear, Circuit Breaker and Transformer Design
  • Work safely around substation equipment.
  • Understand the operating principles associated with the covered equipment.
  • Understand typically used protection and control systems.
  • Understand the interrelationships of electrical tests.
  • Understand the interpretation of test results.

Day 1:

General Introductions

Safety Aspects

  • Legislation
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Energized Work
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Job Planning
  • Equipment Failure Costs

High, Medium, Low Voltage Switchgear

  • Ratings
  • Definitions
  • Types
  • Typical Construction
  • Control Power Systems

Electrical Maintenance of Protective Equipment & Instrument Transformers

  • Potential Transformers
  • Current Transformers
  • Transformer Differential Protection
  • Feeder Protection
  • Motor Protection

Circuit Breaker Construction & Features

  • Contact Operation
  • Arc Extinguishing Mediums, Sulphur Hexaflouride Gas, Air, Vacuum and Oil
  • Manual and Electrical operating Controls
  • Safe Operating Methods

Circuit Breaker Maintenance, Care & Testing

  • Mechanical Inspections
  • Contact Resistance Tests
  • Insulation Resistance Tests
  • Insulating Gas and Oil Analysis
  • Travel Analysis

Day 2:

Transformer Construction

  • Tank
  • Core, Coils, Types and Ratings
  • Bushings
  • Tap Changers
  • Factory Testing
  • Dry, Oil and Liquid Filled Types


  • Theory of Operation
  • Vector and Connection Diagrams
  • Important Electrical Relationships & Formulas

Auxiliary Equipment

  • Gas Relays
  • Fans and Pumps
  • Gauges
  • Tap Changer Controls

Failure Causes

  • Detailed analysis of several case histories
  • Lightening
  • Oil Decay
  • Component Failures
  • Internal Faults
  • External Faults

Testing Practices & Standards

  • Oil Analysis
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis
  • Furan, Inhibitor, Power Factor Water and PCB Testing

Electrical Testing

  • Insulation Resistance and Polarization Index Tests
  • Turns Ratio, Excitation Current and Polarity Testing
  • Capacitance and Power Factor Testing
  • Winding Resistance Tests

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