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Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Now Offered electric motor

This electrical motor control training course is a must for industrial plant electrical personnel. Successful completion of this course qualifies delegates to receive a certificate of course completion with indicated CEUs. CEUs are granted by the Engineering Institute of Canada. One CEU is equivalent to 10 professional development hours of instruction.
The following course earns 1.4 CEUs.

These forums are designed to educate industrial, commercial and institutional motor users about the many savings to be gained from optimum motor protection, control and maintenance.

Motors consume almost 50 per cent of all electricity and in industry, that percentage increases to about 70 per cent. Optimum motor management affects plant production, energy savings, and motor replacement costs.

Delegates will have an excellent opportunity to ask specific questions and exchange ideas relating to their own unique situations. These forums are designed to be an interactive, problem-solving, learning environment for delegates of all disciplines.


  • Engineering and design personnel
  • Maintenance and technical services personnel
  • Process and operations personnel
  • Technical and process managers
  • Engineering and design personnel
  • Electrical consulting engineers
  • Electrical contractors

DAY 1:


Energy Efficiency and Electric Motors
Canada's Energy Efficiency Regulations and the NEMA Premium(tm) Efficiency standards for electric motors will be described. Participants will be introduced to the motor section of Natural Resources Canada's EnerGuide for Industry website, and presented with information on purchasing energy-efficient motors as well as energy-saving tips for motor maintenance and operation. The second half of the session will consist in a tutorial on CanMOST (the Canadian Motor Selection Tool), a free software that allows users to quickly and easily find the most energy efficient motor for their application, determine the energy and cost savings associated with any motor purchase, repair or replace decision, and analyse motor lifecycle costs. A FREE copy of the CanMOST software tool is included in your forum registration.

Fundamentals of Motor Thermal Model and its Applications in Motor Protection

  • Fundamentals of a motor thermal model including overload, locked rotor, too frequent or prolonged acceleration, duty cycling applications
  • Thermal Model Time Constants and other technical aspects causing the biasing of the thermal model
  • Proper selection of motor thermal protection parameters based on information provided by the motor manufacturer
  • Closer look on motor stall, acceleration and running thermal limit curves
  • Explanation of the concept of thermal capacity and how thermal capacity is evaluated in motor protection devices
  • Additional methods, such as voltage dependant which is employed to evaluate thermal capacity in nonstandard motor applications
  • Matching thermal time constants for motor cyclic loads cases
  • Real case example showing how to apply and fine tune the thermal model in high-inertia load application
  • Key topics that will ensure safe operation of the motor while allowing satisfactory motor design characteristics.

12:00PM -- LUNCH

1:00PM - 3:00PM

Latest Developments In Motor Testing

  • What’s new in motor testing?
  • A discussion on Predictive Maintenance
  • Technologies and how it can be an effective tool in the maintenance arena.
  • How the technology can overcome the shortage of maintenance personnel.
  • What's new in motor repair?
  • What to specify in a quality motor repair?
  • The do's and dont's of electric motor repair and can you protect your motors against hostile environments.
  • What is available in motor protection Lubrication.
  • Procedures, how often, is it the same for all motors?
  • What happens to the old grease.


3:15PM - 4:30PM

Mastering Predictive Maintenance

  • Learn static and Dynamic Electric Motor testing as part of a Predictive Maintenance program.
  • Reduce unscheduled down time by predicting imminent motor failures and identifying problem areas. The ultimate goal is to save time and money.
  • Learn maintenance program types, main causes of motor failure, what motor and circuits should be tested, and test frequency.
  • In this presentation a Case Study titled: “Controlled Lab Study”, which examines known bearing faults, will also be covered.

    DAY 2:

    9:00AM - 10:30AM

    AC Motor Protection
    This presentation will review various aspects of AC motor protection techniques. The presentation will focus on comparison and utilization of modern numeric motor protection designs. Usefulness of the protective, control, monitoring, recording and metering functions within the relays will be reviewed. Data retrieval, networking and communication aspects will compare the new approach to protecting the motors.

    Topics of discussion include:

    • Need for Motor Protection of AC motors
    • Quick Review of the Motor Protection technologies
    • Motor Protection Numeric Relays
    • Functionality Review
    • Protection Settings Consideration
    • Application Consideration

    10:30AM - 10:45AM COFFEE

    10:45AM - 12:00PM

    ON-LINE Motor Testing
    This presentation will focus on how electric motor owners can use on-line motor testing technology to save both time and money by reducing unexpected periods of motor downtime for repairs and by removing the need to power down the circuit to evaluate the motor's health. Delegates will also be informed on how to establish a Motor Management program to enhance motor efficiency and reliability, as well as reduce plant downtime.

    Topic will include:
    On-line testing of motors using current signature analysis can be used to detect:
    - Rotor defects
    - Stator problems
    - Bearing problems
    - Air Gap problems

    On-line Power Analysis is used to determine:
    - Power Quality
    - Power Circuit

    Off-line Static testing to evaluate:
    - Stator condition
    - Rotor health
    - Air Gap anomalies
    - Power Circuit faults
    - Motor Insultation health

    Motor Testing and Maintenance Methods
    Participants will gain basic knowledge of motor insulation and testing methods by which preventive measures can be judged and catastrophic failures can be avoided.

    Topics of discussion include:

    • Electric motor/gen insulation systems
    • Dielectric strength
    • Resistance
    • Causes of insulation failure
    • Testing Insulation
    • Polarization tests
    • DC hipot test
    • Corona Deterioration
    • Megohmmeter
    • Surge comparison testing
    • Single phase rotor tests on assembled motors
    • Electrical faults using vibration analysis

    12:00PM -- LUNCH

    1:00PM - 4:30PM
    Motor Control Techniques Tutorial
    This session will cover the traditional methods of motor control from basic, across-the-line starting to various methods of reduced voltage starting. Also included will be application considerations for variable speed control. Delegates will be presented with information on future trends of motor control, including communication, monitoring and protection strategies, safety, and new technologies.

    4:30PM -- WRAP-UP

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